Item #: CSD-666

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstance is any personnel ever allowed to speak with CSD-666 or look at it in the eyes. CSD-666 is to be locked up in a 16x16 padded cell at Sector-████ at all times. Any firearms CSD-666 obtains through unknown means must be confiscated after knocking it out with sleeping gas.

Description: CSD-666 appears as a pale human wearing a black trench coat with long black hair. CSD-666 has an entire arsenal of firearms which it obtains randomly and inspects often.

CSD-666 is very hostile, constantly making death threats to the scientists who are studying it while attempting to escape the padded cell, which it often succeeds at doing.

After escaping from containment, CSD-666 will go on a rampage killing anyone on sight while making a move for the reactor of the ship, where it tries to blow it up.

During one incident, 25 personnel were killed while 30 were injured. Containment Squad Alpha managed to subdue CSD-666 and bring it back to containment where fortifications were made.