Item #: CSD-081

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-081 is to be put inside an old 1980's radio in a 16x16 room and never be removed without permission from Level 2 or higher personnel.

Description: CSD-081 is a cassette tape recording of the song "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. On the cassette tape label, the words "RED ROSES TOO" are written over the original label. CSD-081 is able to be played on any standard cassette player.

Upon inserting CSD-081 into a cassette player and pressing the Playback button, CSD-081's anomalous properties will activate. These anomalous effects do not trigger if the cassette player begins playback at any other time except 0:00.

Playing CSD-081 at any starting point apart from 0:00, the cassette player will play a standard recording of "What A Wonderful World", with no anomalous effects.

Playing CSD-081 at the 0:00 mark will play a different version of "What A Wonderful World". A lyric line in the original song, "Red roses too," will be repeated excessively throughout CSD-081's playback, appearing in almost every line in the lyrics.

All surfaces, objects and organics (not including humans) within the auditory radius of the cassette player that CSD-081 is within will start to turn red. The amount of time that it takes for the process to fully complete depends on the object's size, which can take up to about two minutes maximum. Any object near the edge of the auditory radius will have their hue not as deep as ones closer to the cassette player.

If playback of CSD-081 is paused at all during the duration of the song, all anomalous effects will cease, and all colors in progress of becoming red will instantly revert back to their original colors.