Item #: CSD-014

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-014 must be kept in it's box located at Sector-████. CSD-014 is not to be removed from it's box at any time unless approved by Dr. Alexander or Level Three or higher personnel and only for research purposes. Otherwise, CSD-014 must be monitored 24/7 via a security camera.

Description: CSD-014 has the appearance of the toy "Mr. Bucket" but with cracks, dust and stains of what appears to be a mixture of blood and/or semen.

CSD-014 functions just as the toy does, but without the requirement of batteries. Unlike the ordinary toy, CSD-014 is capable of speech, inhibits a cartoon-like voice with a friendly tone and appears to be fascinated not with the balls packaged with the toy, but rather human genitals.

At first, CSD-014 will not speak, but move slowly toward the crotch of the nearest personnel. If avoided for a long enough time, the toy will begin speaking, making sexual threats and moving faster.

Upon CSD-014 reaching the crotch area of a person, it will proceed to gobble on their testicles, resulting in immense pain and eventually death.

CSD-014 is aggressive and very hostile toward male personnel. However, females seem to be completely ignored and not recognized by CSD-014.