Item #: CSD-004

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-004 will roam the entire facility as every time he is put into containment, he seems to be able to break right back out. He is harmless as long as you don't hit someone with the intentions of hitting them, jokingly or deliberately.

His containment cell must remain to his however, as that is his "Jail". It is to have one bedroll laying in the middle of the cell.

Description: CSD-004 is a white, muscular human male standing at Five feet and Eleven inches (5' 11"). He is clothed in dirty steel armor and wields a silver longsword. He refers to himself as a soldier from the Imperial Legion.

Approaching him will make him greet you, though depending on who you are depends on how he greets you. Should you be someone well known throughout the facility for being a good person, he will greet you with a smile on his face. If you're unknown, he'll greet you normally. If you're someone who's a general [REDACTED], he'll snarl at you.

CSD-004 is mostly harmless, he just walks around the halls of the facility and stands in front of random CSD cells like he's guarding it from breaches. However, should you hit someone with the intentions of attacking them, whether deliberately or jokingly, he'll be alerted to it, shout something about you assaulting them from wherever he is, and run to your general area. Upon reaching you, he'll mention how you broke the law and need to pay a fine.

Choosing to pay this fine - he seems to accept USD - he'll go through the procedure of removing any stolen goods off you at his containment cell (You must walk with him there, if not, see below.) Should you have property on you that belongs to that of another personnel, he'll remove it from you and return it to them.

Choosing not to pay the fine will result in two responses. The first is he'll drag you to his containment cell and somehow lock you in there. He'll leave you in there until you say [REDACTED]. Then he'll let you out and give you back his belongings. Should you try to run, he'll shout about paying with your blood, and hunt you down through the entire facility until you are killed.